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Dallas, Texas


February 17          Brook Hollow announces plans for “improvement of the greens.” [Dallas Morning News, February 17, 1938]

February 22          Dean Woods is in Dallas for an “indefinite stay” while he “is engaged in work on one of the Dallas country clubs.”  [Daily Ardmoreite, February 22, 1938]  Editorial Note:  The referenced club is presumably Brook Hollow.


April 24                  Maxwell is in Ardmore.  He “has been supervising the reconditioning of greens at Brook Hollow in Dallas.”  [Daily Ardmoreite, April 29, 1938]

July 29                   Maxwell is acknowledged as the architect of the redesigned 11th hole at Brook Hollow, including changing “the putting surface from a flat, pancake affair into a rolling, almost mountainous green with plenty of twists and turns.”  [Dallas Morning News, July 29, 1938]


Feb./Mar.            “The seventh, sixteenth and eighteenth greens will be rearranged and made smaller during February or March at the Brook Hollow Club in keeping with the modernization program at that course.” [Dallas Morning News, December 25, 1938]  Editorial Note:  Although Maxwell is not mentioned, it seems clear this work is a continuation of the remodeling of Brook Hollow’s greens that Maxwell started in 1938.

June 28                  Brook Hollow authorizes engaging Maxwell to consult on feasibility of converting to bent grass greens. [Club Minutes]

July 23                   Brook Hollow announces plans to convert greens to bent grass “within two years.”  [Dallas Morning News, July 23, 1939]


September 24       Maxwell’s redesign of the front nine greens at Brook Hollow is complete with the back nine greens expected to be finished within eight months.  [Dallas Morning News, September 24, 1939]


November 12       The conversion of Brook Hollow’s greens to bent grass is in progress.  [Dallas Morning News, November 12, 1939]


April 1, 1952, USGS


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