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Norman, Oklahoma


October 6-7           Maxwell spends 2 days in Norman, Oklahoma laying out 9-hole sand green course for Norman Country Club. [The Norman Daily Transcript, October 12, 1920]

November 8          Maxwell returns to Norman to make minor changes to Norman Country Club course layout.  [The Norman Daily Transcript, November 22, 1920]




January 1              Construction of Norman Country Club course is expected to commence “at the first of the year” when renter moves off the property and complete possession is delivered to the club.  [The Norman Daily Transcript, November 22, 1920]

January 16            Work on Norman Country Club course to resume as soon as the weather will permit.  [The Norman Daily Transcript, January 16, 1921]

May 12                  Norman Country Club course nearing completion.  [The Norman Daily Transcript, May 12, 1921]

August 21              Reports of play at Norman Country Club, so the course was open for play at least by this date.  [The Norman Daily Transcript, August 21, 1921]


September 21       Some tees and greens are relocated at Norman Country Club.  [The Norman Daily Transcript, September 25, 1921]

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