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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Unknown Date

Multiple accounts credit Maxwell with remodeling the greens on both Lincoln Park courses.  [“The Architects of Golf” by Geoffrey S. Cornish and Ronald E. Whitten (1981); The Daily Oklahoman, May 23, 1993; “The Midwest Associate”, by Christopher Clouser (2006), Pg. 253]   Editorial Note:  While we have no reason to doubt such claims, no date is provided for this work other than Clouser, who references 1926.  Since the second course was not built until sometime after 1931, Clouser's 1926 date seems questionable.  As a result, we have not included such work in the timeline since it is not clear when it occurred.  We also note that Maxwell is sometimes credited with designing or helping Art Jackson design the second course at Lincoln Park.  However, a January 29, 1931 article credits Jackson alone with the design of the second 18-holes.  Accordingly, the second Lincoln Park course is not included in the timeline in the absence of affirmative evidence connecting Maxwell. 

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