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Fayetteville, Arkansas


February 13          Maxwell inspects site for Fayetteville Country Club and is employed as the “general overseer” of work at the course in place of J.F. Francis, who resigned.  Maxwell only has a verbal agreement, but is expected to sign a definite contract when he returns the following week with an assistant and resume work.  The first nine holes have already been laid out with fairways cleared and are expected to be completed by July or August.  [Fayetteville Daily Democrat, February 14, 1927]


February 23          Maxwell arrives in Fayetteville, Arkansas from Ardmore to take charge of construction of Fayetteville Country Club.  Work to resume immediately.  [Fayetteville Daily Democrat, February 23, 1927]

April 7                    Maxwell arrives in Fayetteville, Arkansas from Philadelphia, “where he has been in charge of construction of a course.”  [Fayetteville Daily Democrat, April 7, 1927]  Editorial Note:  We assume the Philadelphia course is Melrose.


April 7                   Work on Fayetteville Country Club under the direction of Maxwell is nearing completion.  “All rough work on the course has been completed. Springing (sic) of Bermuda grass on greens and fairways will be underway within a few days.  [Fayetteville Daily Democrat, April 7, 1927]


Unknown              Maxwell drafts plans for 18 hole championship course for the Fayetteville Country Club in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  However, the initial construction includes only ten holes, a 9-hole course plus a warm-up hole.  [“A History of the Fayetteville Country Club”, by Hugh Brewer with thanks to Allan Gilbert, Jr. (Revised 2007)]

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