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Durham, North Carolina


Unknown              Maxwell redesigns the greens at Hillandale Golf Club in Durham, North Carolina.  [“The Midwest Associate”, by Christopher Clouser (2006), Pg. 256]  Editorial Note:  Descriptions of the scope and timing of Maxwell's work at Hillandale vary widely.  Clouser references a greens redesign in 1938.  Both the May 23, 1993 Daily Oklahoman and “The Architects of Golf” by Geoffrey S. Cornish and Ronald E. Whitten (1981) describe a remodel in 1930.  And the course's website states that Maxwell designed the second nine holes without giving a date.  While acknowledging a high degree of uncertainty, until clarifying information is found, we have listed Hillandale per Clouser's account since we believe it is the most plausible.  The 1930 date seems unlikely since all of Maxwell's other work in North Carolina occurred from 1938-1940.  Similarly, we question whether Maxwell designed a second nine since Donald Ross appears to have expanded the course to 18 hole course in 1928.

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