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Ardmore, Oklahoma


April 1                    Maxwell declares support for establishment of a municipal golf in Ardmore, Oklahoma and agrees to build nine-hole course “without cost”.  [Daily Ardmoreite, April 1, 1928]

April 28                  Maxwell visits tract of land across highway from Dornick Hills for proposed nine-hole sand green municipal course in Ardmore.  [Daily Ardmoreite, April 29, 1928]


May 7                    Construction of Ardmore municipal golf course delayed while Maxwell is out of town.  Proposed site to be acquired “within the next few days”.  [Daily Ardmoreite, May 7, 1928]


May 10                  Maxwell stakes off Ardmore municipal golf course.  [Daily Ardmoreite, May 11, 1928]


May 12                  Construction starts on nine-hole sand green and tee Ardmore municipal golf course.  “Some grading must be done; several loads of loose rock…will have to be hauled away and the holes and tees constructed and sanded.  [Daily Ardmoreite, May 11, 1928]


May 19                  Ardmore municipal course named “Hillsdale Golf Club”.  Construction delayed by rains.  [Daily Ardmoreite, May 20, 1928]

June 2                    Hillsdale municipal golf course in Ardmore, Oklahoma officially opens.  [Daily Ardmoreite, June 3, 1928]


May 12, 1940, Daily Ardmoreite

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