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Atlanta, Georgia


February 27          Maxwell returns to Atlanta, Georgia, where he is building a golf course, after a brief visit to his home in Ardmore.  [Daily Ardmoreite, February 27, 1942]  Editorial Note:  The course in question is presumably the North Fulton Park golf course.


May 6                    Payment to Maxwell of $1,000 for his work on North Fulton Park golf course in Atlanta is approved by county commissioners.  [Atlanta Constitution, May 7, 1942]


June 11                  Maxwell spends several days in Ardmore “following his return from Atlanta, Ga., where he has been engaged for the past year and a half in remodeling two of the finest golf courses there, owned by Fulton county.”  [Daily Ardmoreite, June 11, 1943]  Editorial Note:  The courses in question are presumably North Fulton County and Adams Park golf courses.

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