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Shreveport, Louisiana


September 17       Maxwell is briefly in Ardmore before departing for Shreveport, Louisiana with Press.  [Daily Ardmoreite, September 17, 1948]  Editorial Note:  It is possible this trip involved preliminary efforts in connection with the Palmetto Country Club job, which did not begin until the summer of 1950.


June 8                    An 175-acre tract is purchased near Shreveport, Louisiana for the Palmetto Country Club course.  [Shreveport Times, June 9, 1950]


June 10-11            Maxwell is in Shreveport, Louisiana laying out Palmetto Country Club course.  Although his design includes 18 holes, only 9 will be built at first, with construction to start in about 30 days. [Shreveport Times, June 13, 1950]


August 13              Press Maxwell is on his way to Shreveport, Louisiana where he is working on the Palmetto Country Club course.  [Daily Ardmoreite, August 15, 1950]


August 18              Press Maxwell has been commuting on weekends from Norman to Shreveport by private plane to work on the Palmetto Country Club course for his father.  [Shreveport Times, August 18, 1950]


August 20              Palmetto Country Club course is “now well under way”.  [Shreveport Times, August 20, 1950]


November 11       First 9 holes at Palmetto Country Club in Benton, Louisiana are completed and open for play.  Editorial Note:  This information was taken from the club’s website.  Unfortunately, the club permanently closed in 2015 and the website is no longer operational.  We are nevertheless including this information in the absence of any evidence to the contrary.

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