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Greensboro, North Carolina


January 16            Maxwell awarded contract to layout plans and supervise construction of nine-hole golf course on 76 acres adjoining Gillespie Park in Greensboro, North Carolina.  [Greensboro Daily News, January 17, 1940]


January 27            Maxwell submits tentative outline for the proposed Gillespie Park Golf Course in Greensboro, North Carolina.  [Greensboro Record, January 27, 1940]


February 1            Cost estimate for Gillespie Park Golf Course based on Maxwell’s proposed plan are submitted in connection with application for WPA funding.  [Greensboro Daily News, February 1, 1940]


February 7            Greensboro City Council approves plan for Gillespie Park Golf Course, subject to WPA aid.  Maxwell submitted blueprint of proposed 9-hole course “along with another map showing how the city could convert the course into an 18-hole affair should the nine-hole course prove profitable.”  [Greensboro Record, February 7, 1940]


April 12                  WPA approves funding for Gillespie Park Golf Course.  [Greensboro Record, April 12, 1940]


June 22                  Maxwell arrives in Greensboro to begin laying out Gillespie Park Golf Course.  [Greensboro Daily News, June 25, 1940]


June 25                  Work begins on Gillespie Park Golf Course.  [Greensboro Record, June 25, 1940]


June 25                  Maxwell leaves Greensboro but will return in about 10 days.  [Greensboro Record, June 26, 1940]

July 3                     Maxwell says construction on Gillespie Park Golf Course suspended for a week by WPA.  [Greensboro Record, July 3, 1940]


November 24       Maxwell in Greensboro supervising construction of Gillespie Park Golf Course.  [Greensboro Record, November 25, 1940]


December 13        Construction of Gillespie Park Golf Course completed except for seeding, which will occur when Maxwell returns in March or April of 1941.  [Greensboro Record, December 12, 1940]


December 29        Perry and Press Maxwell are home in Ardmore for the holidays “from North Carolina where they have been engaged in building a golf course”.  [Daily Ardmoreite, December 29, 1940]  Editorial Note:  The referenced course is presumably Gillespie Park in Greensboro.


May 30                  Maxwell leaves Greensboro, where he was on the Gillespie Park Golf Course, to attend the U.S. Open at Colonial.  [Greensboro Daily News, May 31, 1941]

November 1          Gillespie Park Golf Course officially opens.  [Greensboro Daily News, October 25, 1941]


January 10, 1949, USGS


October 25, 1941 Greensboro Record


Unknown Date and Source

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