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Odessa, Texas


August 15              Odessa Country Club announces plan to expand existing 9-hole course to 18-holes with grass greens.  The new 9-holes will be constructed “without any interference with the playing on the first nine holes.”  [The Odessa (TX) American, August 15, 1941]


August 18              Odessa Country Club has “blue prints on hand for the newly projected changes” to add 9-holes to the existing course.  [The Odessa (TX) American, August 18, 1941]


August 25              Maxwell and Dean Woods are engaged to design and build an additional 9 holes at Odessa Country Club in Odessa, Texas to bring the course to 18-holes.  Work started on the 10th green “today” with Woods overseeing construction. [The Odessa (TX) American, August 25, 1941]  Editorial Note:  This article also credits Maxwell with “three new courses just completed on Long Island, New York.”


September 9         “The second nine holes on the Odessa Country Club layout are rapidly taking shape as the dirt workmen had completed the roughing in work on the first seven” new holes.  [The Odessa (TX) American, September 9, 1941]

September 13       All nine of the new holes at Odessa Country Club are expected to be “laid out and the base soil laid by the end of this week.”  [The Odessa (TX) American, September 9, 1941]


January 18            The new 9-holes added at Odessa Country Club added by Maxwell and Dean Woods are ready for member play.  The new holes “are built around the first nine, in a semi-circle facing east and north.”  The greens are all in play, but the tees “are temporary and the approaches have not yet been completed but are in playable shape.”  [The Odessa (TX) American, January 15, 1942]

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