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Neosho, Missouri


December 27        Maxwell is engaged to design and build Neosho Golf & Country Club course in Neosho, Missouri.  [Neosho Daily Democrat, December 28, 1923]


December 28        Maxwell spends the day looking over proposed grounds for Neosho Golf & Country Club.  [Neosho Daily Democrat, December 28, 1923]


March 7-8             Maxwell is in Neosho going over the proposed golf course and making final plans for the layout.  “The ground has all been cleared ready for the work of laying out the course.”  [Neosho Daily Democrat, March 8, 1924]

April 16                  Maxwell is in Neosho inspecting course and reports that construction is progressing nicely with the intention of building temporary greens on holes 2, 5 and 6 so that they can be used for practice soon.”  [Neosho Daily Democrat, April 17, 1924]

May 4                    Maxwell is in Neosho looking over work on the course and attending a meeting of the club.  [Neosho Daily News, May 5, 1924]

May 28                  Maxwell is in Neosho, Missouri going over the course and shaping it up for play.  He directs that some fairways will be widened and trees cut and relocated over the next few weeks.  [Neosho Daily Democrat, May 29, 1924]

June 2                    Maxwell is in Neosho “shaping it up for the first year’s play.”  [Neosho Daily Democrat, June 2, 1954]

October 26            Maxwell is in Neosho, Missouri looking over Neosho Golf & Country Club course with the idea of changing the greens.  [Neosho Daily Democrat, November 1, 1924]

November             Roughs cleared out and new bent grass greens built at Neosho Golf & Country Club.  New greens expected to be ready by early spring 1925.  [Neosho Daily Democrat, December 9, 1924]


August 22              Maxwell is in Neosho, Missouri making suggestions for improvements to Neosho Golf & Country Club, including relocation of 5th, 8th and 9th greens and 9th tee, the conversion of all greens to bent grass and adding a second 9 holes.  [Neosho Daily Democrat, August 27, 1925]  Editorial Note:  According to the March 17, 1974 Neosho News, grass greens were later abandoned due to cost of maintenance and replaced with sand greens.


Unknown              Maxwell makes suggestions for changes to Neosho Golf & Club in Neosho, Missouri.  [Neosho Daily Democrat, May 17, 1941]


August 14, 1959, USGS

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