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Manchester, Vermont


Aug. 31-Sep. 5      Maxwell attends U.S. Amateur at Ekwanok Country Club in Manchester, Vermont, won by Francis Ouimet. [“Golf Architect Says Game Flourishing in Oklahoma”, by A. Linda Fowler, The Christian Science Monitor, May 4, 1943Chicago Daily Tribune, August 30, 1914; Chicago Daily Tribune, September 6, 1914]


November             Maxwell prepares a “Preliminary Sketch Rerouting” plan for Ekwanok Country Club in Manchester, Vermont.  [Maxwell plan dated November, 1938]  Editorial Note:  It does not appear that Maxwell’s full plan, which rerouted certain holes, was actually implemented.  However, subsequent reports of Maxwell's works at Ekwanok indicate that, at a minimum, he renovated the greens in advance of the 1940 national intercollegiate golf tournament.

December 9          Maxwell was in Manchester, Vermont “this week” where it was decided that the new clubhouse at Ekwanok Country Club would be built on the old tennis court site.  [Rutland (VT) Daily Herald, December 10, 1938] Editorial Note:  This report follows on the heels of Maxwell’s November, 1938 rerouting plan for Ekwanok.  It does not appear that Maxwell’s full plan was actually implemented; perhaps because, notwithstanding this report, it seems the new clubhouse was built on essentially the same site as the old clubhouse, making the rerouting less practical.



June 6                    Maxwell “spent the week at Ekwanok with the purpose of revamping some of the outmoded greens and making them blend into the landscape.”  [New York Sun, June 6, 1939]



June 14                 Maxwell and his daughter Mary Belle have been “in town” for several days.  [Rutland (VT) Daily Herald, June 14, 1940]  Editorial Note:  Rutland is roughly 30 miles from Manchester, Vermont, which raises the possibility that Maxwell’s visit may have related to his work at Ekwanok in advance of the national intercollegiate golf tournament being held there that month.

June 27                  National intercollegiate golf championship is held at Ekwanok “this week” on course “remodeled” by Maxwell.  [Greensboro Record, June 27, 1940]


September 6, 1942, USGS


Maxwell Plan, November, 1938

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